How to Hang Your
Wall Statement

Thoughtfully design
Pre-Styled & Ready to Hang Wall Statements

Our wall statements are designed in-house, inspired by the latest trend forecasts,  with the intent of working in many ways, in many spaces for a long and happy life in your home. Your pieces come pre packed with a how to hang guide, wall patterns and hanging supplies.

How do I get started?

Step 1: Pick the Location

(It truly is everything)

Locate your desired wall. Consider the  scale of your space when hanging your collection. Get inspired by scrolling through our lookbooks. You might see a configuration you’ve never thought of.

Step 2: Pick & Lay Out your Configuration

(We Give a New Meaning to “Floor Plan”)

Lay out your desired pieces on the floor as you’d like them on the wall to build confidence. Take note of spacing as it can be key to achieving your desired look. Different configurations require different levels of exactness to get the look.

Step 3: Keep it at Eye-Level

(Seeing this is what it is all about!)

Now that you’ve got your faux-floor plan it’s time to find the center of the wall. Now bring that point up or down to be eye-level and mark it using painter’s tape or pencil.

Fun Fact: This is almost always 57 – 60” from the floor. Most arrangements work best 8 – 10” above the piece of furniture.  

Step 4: Find Your Focal Point & Hang

Find your largest piece, and hang. Then, work outward, upward and/or downward hanging your additional pieces. This will help maintain evenness and balance. 

3 Ways to Hang

Easiest & Straight Forward
Nail through the center of the basket between coils. *(Don’t worry, this won’t spoil the art)

Measured & Multi-Functional
Put nail into wall, then hang using the loop on the back (this requires a bit more calculation but adds versatility).

No Holes Method
Smaller, lighter pieces can be positioned using super strong sticky tape. (Limits holes, but might remove some paint.)


Our wall statements can be hung in multiple configurations. Pick your favorite and what works best in your space.

The Rolling Wave

Peaceful, rolling and rhythmic motion for horizontal placement.

The Clustered Cozy

Triangulated circles make a big impact in a small footprint.

The Straight & Narrow

For those that like things neat and orderly with wide horizontal space.

The Dot & Box

Squared away circles create a gallery wall effect over your prized furnishings.

The Waterfall

Long, organic flowing arrangement for open vertical spaces.

The Solo

Large intricate pieces take center stage in any room.

The Climber

Organic vine-like configuration that builds vertically in a whimsical manner.

The Trifecta

Neatly triangulated configuration for small spaces.

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