Our Mission

Beautiful Design that Empowers
Women & Communities in Africa

What We Live By

We Create Tell-All Stories with Our Designs

We design on-trend conversational wall statements which are then translated into natural fibers through direct work with skilled weavers.

Widespread Joy is What We’re Going For

Our strong, versatile products are designed to have equal beauty and brawn serving as beautiful wall statements and functional pieces that appeal to all.

We Believe in Eco-Protective Practices

The all natural fibers and organic dyes used in our products are just a few of the ways we put the planet first. From bicycle delivery to box recycling, we continue to expand our insistence on carbon neutral, clean energy practices.

We Are a For-Profit, For a Good Purpose

Though we love charitable giving, our model is based on building marketplaces in Africa that drive long-term, self-strengthening economic impact.

Kazi means work.

That’s what we create: works of art, that provide steady work, for artisans.

The Exponential Impact of Fair and Consistent Employment

When we pay fair hourly wages to skilled artisans who create our original natural woven products in the safety of their own homes, their sustainable income flow has a four-fold positive economic impact on their communities.

How We Work

We Create Demand

We create high demand for expertly woven goods from skilled artisans because it prevents poverty, and raises visibility for their meaningful and striking artistry.

We Pay Fair Wages

Kazi’s continued work with Nest ensures that our wages and practices meet the highest possible standards, evolving with the global marketplace in real time.

We Grow Communities

The fair wage we provide increases income ten-fold in many cases, which then filters into local economies and communities.

Our Purpose

Skilled African Women Weave Our Creations and Forever Change Their Worlds.

Our Origin Story

Our founders Greg and Alicia didn't expect to find a new future in sub-Saharan Africa. Greg traveled to commemorate the end of a devastating genocide, and Alicia was taking an adventurous respite from the corporate bustle. But somewhere along their journeys, they were both captivated by the challenges present in everyday life for remote communities. They each recognized potential for change in the marketplace that could create a wide-scale impact. 

After meeting by chance in 2010, they discovered this shared passion, and joined forces. Giving up their respective corporate endeavors to build and connect; to stitch purpose into every fiber of their lives. 

Through troubleshooting, concepting and collaborating for a decade, they discovered that consistent, everyday wages are the strongest transformative tool for a family and community.  So, they created this company.

Meanwhile, Modeste was completing his degree in rural development. While working with a female artisan support company in Rwanda, his aims to engineer a better future for his people brought him to a timely meeting with Greg.  He took the life-changing leap of applying for a program manager position with this new company and 10 years later, he’s woven his way up the ladder as Country Director, both witnessing and aiding in changing the lives of tens of thousands of people. 

Today, this trifecta of leaders continues to bring us toward an eco-positive, economically stable and visually stunning state of living, for all. 

Kazi means work. That’s what we create: works of art, that provide steady work, for artisans. 

You’re part of that work. By choosing to invest in wall statements created with intention, the cycle of impact can complete. You choosing us is the most vital part of this company’s success.

Artisan Stories


"I am proud of learning new skills that immediately pay well. My family is improving: food security, I paid medical health insurance. My boy is 13 and he is starting high school soon and I am not afraid of school fees and materials bills."


"I am proud of my economic status nowadays as a weaver, because with the income, I cover my family needs: food, medical health insurance and refurbishing the family shelter. I love weaving work; it prevented me from being beggar. I dream of owning house, buying plots and owning a food supplying business while creating jobs for others."


"I am proud of teaching the next generation to preserve this golden culture. With the income, I have bought a cow, which is a big asset, I renovated my house and built a fence around it, I pay medical insurance for my family every year, I pay school fees for my children, and we have improved our diet."


"I am proud of seeing all my children studying in good schools: three of my children are studying at different good universities, one has graduated, and two are studying in high schools and the last born in primary... I love that our woven products have reached and won international markets and that the weaving culture is valued and preserved."


"Life in our community has changed as well; you can see it by your own eyes when you reach the villages where the weavers come from. On the day we get paid, everyone touches our money: beauty salon workers, fashion shop keepers, tailors, bank workers, food dealers, furniture sellers, dishes sellers, phone sellers. This means that all economic sectors are functioning well."


"More houses have been built or renovated in the village, they have electricity or solar lights, the banks, schools, health centers and clinics are operating and more jobs have been created... I love weaving and I will always be a good weaver."

16 Pairs of Hands Create a Single Work of Art

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Our Tightly Woven Team

Uganda Team


Our Uganda operation is unique because they always find a reason to throw a party, they have a strong sense of community among the team and with the artisans and the team is led by three zealous women!

Rwanda Team


The Rwanda operation is unique because we have a very hardworking, responsible and motivated team forever grateful for serving a great cause - and we have fun too! We have very long relationships with our artisans (more than 10 years) and it makes us very close. 

US Team

San Diego

What makes our US team unique is we're a mix of San Diegians and Mexico-residing natives & transplants. We're a female led team, all here to bring our best to the office everyday to support our mission & artisans. Our walls are adorned with the best of Kazi and we talk home decor 99% of the time, with some coffee in hand.

Ghana Team


What makes our Ghana operation unique is we have a brother and a sister in leadership, and they are not twins but sound like it (Olivia & Oliver)! The products are made by men and women, and each sex has a different weaving specialty and will not make the other type. It rains a lot 6 months of the year and our teams commonly find themselves in the field and drenched and enjoying the wet ride home!

Tanzania Team


Our Tanzania operation is unique because it's our newest country of operation and has a heavy emphasis on material sourcing and new types of weaves. It's led by powerhouse women and all team members prefer to go by their nicknames than their actual names, some of them include "Super Bunge" meaning "Super Raffia".

Together We Make it Work (AKA Kazi)

By joining the Kazi Community and choosing to invest in Kazi wall statements the cycle of impact can come full circle and grow stronger in the future.

Thank you for your part in this journey towards a sustainable and equal future. We hope you love the pieces we love to make.